3 Ways to Style Our Kaytlyn Button Up Top!


First up: The Classic 
Pair the Kaytlyn Top with our Mauve Spring Sweater and Vienna Love Skinny’s! The perfect spring outfit- comfy, cute, and perfectly layered. 

Next up: Pair it with our Mia Olive Peplum top and our simply distressed denim shorts. So cute, comfy, and perfect for those upcoming warm days.. they are coming right🙃

Last up: When I put this outfit together I envisioned you wearing it while running errands, out to brunch, chilling at home, and even on a night out with your Faves. Pair the Kaytlyn Top with our Palm Springs Ribbed crop and ribbed biker shorts and you are ready for the whole day🌼

Check out all these pieces here: 

Kaytlyn Top: https://shopsimplykylie.com/products/kaytlyn-button-up-s-3xl?_pos=1&_psq=kay&_ss=e&_v=1.0
Mauve Spring Sweater: https://shopsimplykylie.com/products/rose?_pos=1&_psq=mauve%20spring&_ss=e&_v=1.0
Vienna Love Skinny Jeans: https://shopsimplykylie.com/products/kancan-gemma-high-rise-ankle-skinny-dark?_pos=1&_psq=vienna%20love&_ss=e&_v=1.0
Mia Olive Peplum Top: https://shopsimplykylie.com/products/mia-olive-peplum-top-curvy?_pos=1&_psq=mia&_ss=e&_v=1.0
Simply Distressed Denim Shorts: https://shopsimplykylie.com/products/simply-distressed-white-denim-shorts-plus?_pos=2&_psq=simply%20distressed&_ss=e&_v=1.0
Palm Springs Ribbed Crop: https://shopsimplykylie.com/products/palm-springs-ribbed-crop?_pos=1&_psq=palm%20springs&_ss=e&_v=1.0
Ribbed Biker Shorts: https://shopsimplykylie.com/products/ribbed-biker-shorts-plus-regular?_pos=1&_psq=biker&_ss=e&_v=1.0

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