Our “Why” Has Evolved

The one thing I hear almost every business owner say is “Find your why” “What is your why” why, why, why. 

To me my businesses mean so many things. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what my why is. 

When I first started Simply Kylie, my main why was I wanted to offer clothing for everyone. I wanted to create an online boutique for sizes S-3XL. We did just that. 

Over the last year though, my Why has evolved. I have gotten to witness so many women come into our store and get so excited. Excited they found something cute, excited that we carry their size, and excited that we offer a wide range of trendy and classic pieces I can’t even begin to explain how happy my heart gets when you come in and say how cute everything is or if you comment on the vibe of our store. I about cried when someone told me they just LOVE the vibe of our store.

So my current Why is to offer amazing clothing that is size inclusive still, but now I am focusing on helping women find something that lights them up. Something that makes them feel confident and beautiful. Something they are so excited about and that gives them a reason to dress up and wear the damn outfit. (Why do we wait for the perfect time to wear the outfit?) The perfect time is NOW. 

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