Walking down memory lane!

Happy Small Business Saturday!
I just wanted to take a walk down memory lane with you all🤍
If you are new around here or haven't been around since the beginning... I have been dreaming of opening a boutique for YEARS. Like 6 to be exact 😉 The time finally came April of this year and we ran with it. We initially wanted to just be online, Jenn from Urban Nutrition Decorah asked if ever wanted to do a pop-up shop and we were like YES, ( I somehow pulled it all together in like 2 days, and we had an amazing day) over the next few months we did more pop-ups and had so much fun. We quickly realized that most people like the option of shopping in store vs. online. Jenn had joked a few times about having us be there all the time and we finally took her up on that. We opened the doors of our store front in September ( I again somehow set up a whole store in like 3 weeks) In 3 short months we have grown so much, have met so many amazing people, and have worked our asses off. We recently hired employees and are very excited to see what comes in the future.
Mike and I are truly grateful for the support and are loving living our dream each and every day.

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