Your Reminder to Wear Whatever the F✨ck You Want🤍

Story time:


Not sure why this story popped in my head today or why I feel like I need to share it with you.


I was the girl everyone thought was spoiled 😂😉 the girl who had all the cute things, got whatever she wanted, and didn’t have any issues in her life. Lol in reality I was the girl who’s parents worked 24/7, Majority of my clothes were from garage sales, and sometimes the sales rack at Hollister and Aeropostale 😅 until I got into high school and started working at McDonald’s and I would spend my whole paycheck at the mall (lol remember when La Crosses mall was amazing??)


Now that you have a little back story- let’s get into it. I remember being in 6th grade.. Hollister was starting to come to Waukon. Everyone had the Hollister logo Hoodies & shirts, and I begged my mom to take me to La crosse so we could go.  We NEVER went shopping in lax, only Waterloo so this was a huge deal! We went there, the smell was amazing (if I went in now I think I would need a gas mask) even though it was dark I could still kind of see the price tags and I was like shit there is no way she’s gonna buy me anything here. We kept walking through the store and made it to the back… the sales section. Ahhhh I found this pair of jeans!! This super light pair of bootcut jeans. I was in love. I was so excited to have something from hollister. I was so excited to maybe feel like I fit in. Got the jeans and a couple other shirts that were on sale and I was the happiest girl in the world.

Then I realized nobody else had jeans from Hollister. Or that I had noticed. And when I wore them someone said something to me about how it must be nice to be spoiled and whatever else asshole kids said. It made me not want to ever wear them again. It made me hate something I was so excited about. It made me question why I wanted them in the first place.


Looking back now it makes me grateful that I’ve grown and realized that was just a projection from them. They just assumed I was handed everything and were upset that their parents wouldn’t get them things. They didn’t realize how big of a deal it was for me and how hard my parents probably worked to buy those jeans. 


So here is your reminder to wear whatever the fuck makes you feel good. Don’t comment on other peoples lives unless it’s encouragement. Don’t assume anything about anyones life or story.

Don’t forget that people will remember what you said AND how you made them feel. 🤍



PS. I’m not saying I didn’t ever do anything negative or say anything bad that probably hurt someone’s feelings. I’m sure I’m just as guilty and when you are kids you are learning and growing and projecting how you feel on everyone around you.

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